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Swimming Pool & Spa Chemicals, Accessories, and Supplies in Decatur IL

Owning a swimming pool or spa means a life of luxury after work, on your days off, and on the weekends. What it also means is routine maintenance to keep your pool clean and at its optimal performance. Decatur Pool & Spa has chemical solutions to keep your swimming pool and spa clean and algae-free. We offer a wide selection of chemicals for your pool or hot tub from premium brands like BioGuard, GLB, and Natural Chemistry. Our highly trained and certified staff is here to assist you with the right kind of chemical treatment for your pool or spa. Whether your pool looks green or you need to provide a shock treatment to the water – we have you covered! (Oh yeah, we have pool covers, too!)

Water Testing

We care about your swimming pool and spa, providing solutions when you need them most. If your water seems funky, but you don’t know the problem, take a sample and bring it to us. We can test your water sample and provide you with professional treatment solutions to bring your water back to a healthy and swimmable state.

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Pool Liners

Pool liners are a necessary component for any swimming pool. We provide three main types of vinyl pool liners: overlap, beaded, and uni-bead. Your pool liner is designed to retain your pool’s water, provide a protective barrier for your pool’s structure, and aid in maintaining the structural integrity of your pool. The primary distinction between each pool liner is how they are installed and how they attach to your pool.

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Overlap Pool Liners:

A popular solution due to its easy installation and best economical option. A coping strip, which functions as a sort of paper clip, is a piece of plastic that holds your liner to your pool wall that runs around your pool. It overlaps your swimming pool, keeping your liner held firmly. Typically, overlap designs are limited to a solid color or uniform patterns. We have various attractive designs to add personality to your pool.

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Beaded Pool Liners:

This is an easily replaceable option and has various designs. Utilizing a bead receiver that hangs over your pool, your pool liner snaps into the receiver, providing an even and consistent appearance. Due to the ease of installation, beaded pool liners are used to offer intricate designs and glamour patters, providing the ultimate aesthetic for your pool.

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Uni-bead Pool Liners:

The ultimate solution in terms of versatility. They also provide a two-in-one feature with the capability of replacing an overlap liner with a Uni-bead liner. These can be installed via a bead receiver or a J-Hook liner. Either choice provides professional and sleek design and gives you all the benefits of a protective liner and options in terms of design and patterns.

Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers are used to help protect your pool from debris, conserve energy and reduce your heating costs, and keep out sunlight during the winter months. Pool covers are a great cost-effective purchase, and Decatur Pool & Spa has a variety of options. Whether you are looking for security, aesthetics, convenience, or a combination, we have you covered!

Solid & Mesh Safety Covers

Decatur Pool & Spa has pool covers that are designed to protect your investment and your family. Having a safety cover prevents accidental falls into your pool, whether it be your children, pets, or other critters and debris. Some options include a mesh cover that is designed to maximize drainage and solid covers that prevent sunlight. Our solid and mesh safety covers can be customized and designed for any size or shape of the pool.

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Automatic Safety Covers

In addition to our solid and mesh safety covers, we also provide the ultimate convenience – an automatic safety cover. Ready to go at the push of a button, these provide security and protection of your pool with ease. Our automatic safety covers for your pool provide a barrier that your children or pets can’t penetrate, each one custom-designed to fit your pool. An automatic pool cover helps:

  • 90% reduction in evaporation
  • 70% reduction in pool heating costs
  • 50% reduction in electricity costs
  • 70% reduction in chemical usage

Pool Toys & Accessories

Get the most out of your pool this summer by stocking up on pool supplies from Decatur Pool & Spa. We carry everything from step ladders to floaties and water toys for the kids – if you need them for your pool, we have them all! What are you waiting for? Stop by our store in Decatur, IL today!