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Solutions for your In-Ground & Above-Ground Swimming Pools in Decatur IL

Decatur Pool & Spa has been the #1 swimming pool expert in Decatur Illinois, specializing in above-ground pools, in-ground pools, swimming pool repair, opening/closing, and summer cleaning for 38 years. When it comes to fun under the sun, your friends at Decatur Pool & Spa are here to make it happen; we have a wide selection of swimming pools to help. Our swimming pool products and models are manufactured by some of the most respected brands in the business, including Trevi, GLB, BioGuard, and Latham. With hundreds of custom pool shapes and various materials to construct it with, we guarantee to have a swimming pool that suits your needs and taste.

Decatur Pool & Spa above-ground pool - Decatur, IL
in-ground swimming pool - Decatur, IL
free form shape in-ground swimming pool with water features - Decatur, IL
Trevi Pulsar above ground pool - Decatur, IL
fiberglass swimming pool installation - Decatur, IL

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Decatur Pool & Spa’s fiberglass pool solutions are composed of the highest-grade materials, such as top-tier ceramic, resin, gel coats, and fiberglass. These high-grade materials result in a swimming pool that is aesthetically pleasing and built to last. We allow custom design options, including waterline and inlaid tile options, cascades, bubblers, LED lighting, color-coordinated fittings, and more.

polymer siding swimming pool installation - Decatur, IL

Polymer Swimming Pools

This pool design is composed of non-corrosive materials, resulting in reduced wall abrasion, which prolongs your liner lifespan and is an excellent choice for salt systems. With panels made of graphex and elite polymer, they prevent warping and bowing. Polymer swimming pools are a premier choice without the price tag.

steel wall swimming pool installation - Decatur, IL

Steel Swimming Pools

Steel swimming pools have wall panels that are engineered from corrosion-resistant galvanized steel that offer an unmatched strength. With heavy steel braces surrounding your pool, your pool walls will be sturdy and durable for years. In addition, it calls for an easy installation, and we offer a lifetime warranty of your pool wall structure.

Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Decatur Pool & Spa offers above-ground swimming pool solutions! Above-ground swimming pools are ideal if you want something to splash around in on those brutally hot summer days, and they come with several advantages including:

  • Significantly less expensive than in-ground swimming pools!
  • Fast installation!
  • Tend to be smaller, which offers more versatility and is achievable in almost anyone’s backyard!
  • Moving? Take your pool to your next home!
  • Maintenance and repairs are much easier and budget-friendly!
  • Doesn’t affect your property taxes!
Trevi Pulsar above ground pool - Decatur, IL
beautifully shaped Caribbean freeform fiberglass pool from Latham pools - Decatur, IL - photo credit to Brooks Malone

In-Ground Swimming Pools

Decatur Pool & Spa specializes in the installation and service of in-ground swimming pools. Whether you want a custom design or a popular style, our experts can work with you to help you achieve the ideal swimming pool that suits your landscape, home, and style. From start to finish, most projects average between 4-6 weeks. That is how long it takes for us to turn your dreams into reality. In addition to the installation of in-ground swimming pools, we also provide routine maintenance and repairs. Decatur Pool & Spa’s in-ground swimming pool solutions include:

  • Custom
  • Grecian
  • Kidney
  • L-Shapes
  • Mountain Lake
  • Rectangle
  • Roman
professional performing specialized repair services to swimming pool - Decatur, IL
Man changing out his pool filter, swimming pool filtration system - Decatur, IL

Specialized Pool Repair

Owning a swimming pool is like owning any other asset; with a little effort and routine maintenance, you can avoid expensive repairs and prolong its lifespan. Similarly to a car, some parts of your pool are only good for so long. Luckily for you, most swimming pool repairs are reasonably easy to handle. Some common pool repairs include:

  • Cracks in concrete: If you have a crack that is smaller than 1/4 inch wide and two feet long, we can repair it. However, any crack bigger will require you to resurface your pool.
  • Leaks: Whether it is the pool itself or your pool’s plumbing, leaks are never a good thing. If your pool is losing water, call a professional. We can repair and replace your pool plumbing if needed.
  • Pump problems: Sometimes pool pumps can pull air into their system, resulting in a loss of power and inability to move water. As a result, your pump can overheat. Pump replacement should be done by a professional to ensure it is done correctly. For problems with your pool pump, contact us today.
  • Pool filter issues: Routinely replacing your pool filter media is a great way to maintain it and should cost less than $150 per year.
  • Pool heater: Pool heaters allow you to extend your swimming season but need to be maintained and repaired to function effectively.
pool opening for spring and summer season, pool opening services - Decatur, IL
Pool closed for the winter season, woven mesh pool cover - Decatur, IL

Pool Opening & Pool Closing

One of the best things about the gift of summer is relaxing by the pool and getting your tan on. However, just because the weather starts warming up and your pool is no longer freezing doesn’t necessarily mean you are ready to begin your swimming season. In order to start your summer off with a clean and stress-free pool, there are some steps pool owners must take to get their swimming pool ready for the season. For new pool owners, contact Decatur Pool & Spa for assistance in opening your pool for the season; we can:

  1. Drain and clean your pool cover off. This can be done with a cover pump to drain as much water as possible before you remove your pool cover. In addition, blow off any leaves and debris that are on your cover, limiting the amount that winds up in your water.
  2. Remove your pool cover. It isn’t going to be perfectly free of debris, but that is OK. Remove your cover and don’t worry about small amounts of leaves and debris that fall into your water; you will shock and vacuum your pool later.
  3. Clean and store your pool cover. We recommend sprinkling it with talcum powder to help prevent mold and mildew. Store in a cool and dry place.
  4. Reconnect your pool equipment including your filter, pump, and heater.
  5. Remove your winter plugs and re-attach your drain plugs.
  6. Raise your water level back to standard with a garden hose.
  7. Start turning your pool system back on, including priming your pump, turning on the circulation and filtration system, and opening your air relief valve.
  8. Add MetalFree to help prevent copper and iron from staining your pool.
  9. Test your pool chemicals. After your circulation system has run for several hours, test the pH levels of your pool water. Your pH levels should be 7.4 to 7.6, total alkalinity ranges from 80 to 120 ppm, and chlorine levels should be 2.0 to 4.0 ppm.
  10. Adjust your pool chemical levels according to your results gathered in the previous step.
  11. Test and adjust your swimming pool’s calcium hardness.
  12. Brush and vacuum your pool, providing extra attention to areas near your steps, ladders, and other equipment.
  13. Run your filtration system overnight.
  14. Shock your pool to eliminate any remaining bacteria and contaminants in your swimming pool.

Winterizing Your Pool

In addition to getting your pool ready for the summer season, on the opposite end, when the season is over you must prepare your pool for closing – winter is coming. Winterizing your pool during a frigid off-season is vital to keeping your pool functioning properly. Winterizing your pool limits its risk of contamination, freeze damage, and unbalanced water levels. If you are trying to get your swimming pool ready to endure the winter season, contact Decatur Pool & Spa for our winter treatment kit.

solid color pool cover in fall - pool is closed - cover from Latham pool products - Decatur, IL
Swimming pool cleaning supplies and services, products lined up along pool side -Decatur, IL

Summer Cleaning for Your Pool

Embracing the glamorous summer lifestyle that is associated with being a swimming pool owner is a tough job, but somebody has to do it. However, for you to bask in the luxury of your swimming pool, routine maintenance is critical. Listed below are some of the everyday tasks to help pool owners sustain a well-kept swimming pool.

Skim Debris: If your yard has trees or bushes or is prone to having debris accumulated, you will need to skim to help clean your pool. It is recommended that you do this on a semi-weekly basis.

Vacuum Pool: Whether you get an automated vacuum or do it manually, this should be done once a week. Vacuuming your pool helps decrease the number of chemicals you need to add and helps remove hard-to-reach debris. If there are algae in your pool, scrub it with a nylon brush and some pool cleaner.

Clean Pool Filter: There are three types of filters: cartridges, sand, or diatomaceous earth (DE). An uncleaned filter isn’t able to trap the debris and results in your pool water looking discolored. Turn the valve to backwash and clean your filter. For a DE filter: empty the filter bag every week. For the cartridge: remove it and hose it down. For sand filter: not as common, consider changing to other two filter types.

Maintain pH Levels: Your pH scale measures the acidity of your pool water. You want a pH level ranging from 7.2 to 7.8, which is ideal for a safe and clean environment for swimming. However, levels below or above that mean that you need to apply chemicals to either increase your pH levels or decrease them.

Repair Leaks: Always inspect your pool at the beginning of the season for potential leaks. If your pool does leak, contact the professionals at Decatur Pool & Spa for a speedy resolution.