• Something we can’t control is the everyday stressors that are bound to occur during your daily life. However, we can control the remedy. Decatur Pool & Spa has a safe haven for your mind, body, and soul. Our warm water and jet solutions are perfect for healing your sore muscles. In addition, our spas and hot tubs help reduce anxiety, provide insomnia relief, and body detoxification. Our Garden Leisure Spas and QCA Spas are ideal solutions for your hydrotherapy.

  • Garden Leisure Spas

    With our Garden Leisure Spa models, the goal is dynamic hydrotherapy. We have placed jets in strategic areas after extensive research, guaranteeing that our designs are meant for style, stress reduction, and other therapeutic benefits. Using hoses and tubes to provide extreme water flow, our jets are all connected and provide the ultimate pain relief no matter where you sit. Jets target your neck and shoulders, and massage jets help soothe the pain in your upper and lower back. Carpal Tunnel Jets help heal your hands and fingers, and Jumbo jets are used to provide a supreme foot massage.

    • Each jet is placed after extensive research, providing the ultimate pain relief water treatment
    • Every jet targets a major muscle group to hasten your pain and stress relief
    • Jets are interchangeable, allowing you to customize your leisure experience
    • Controls allowing you to adjust each seat's water pressure
  • Our A.Q.U.A. Philosophy

    We are a proud provider of Northern Bay hot tubs, beautifully hand-crafted and designed for hydrotherapy solutions, comfort, and reliability. If you want a hot tub that was meant to handle the wicked winters of the Midwest, Northern Bay is the premier choice. Listed below are the focal points of our philosophy.

    Affordable Leisure
    Every one of our hot tub models is built for luxury at an affordable price. Our hot tubs are constructed with the latest technology from Waterway and Lucite, two of the leaders in our industry. For over three decades, families have been soaking themselves in comfort and enjoyment with our hot tubs.

  • Quality
    Our hot tubs are constructed by a manufacturing team with 33 years of experience, focusing on quality, hydrotherapy, luxury, and reliability. Every model is easy to maintain which helps keep maintenance costs low and every hot tub is hand-built, and water tested by us twice.

    When it comes to exotic designs and styles that are built for comfort and luxury, our hot tubs are the ultimate choice. Not only do our models offer performance, relaxation, and therapy, but it comes at an affordable price with a warranty that keeps your investment protected!

    American Made
    All of our hot tubs are made in the United States, manufactured in New York, and other components sourced around the country – guaranteeing that our products are American-Made.

    Our Promise

    “The goal of Northern Bay hot tubs is to provide the ultimate comfort for you and your family with a luxurious, hydrotherapy hot tub at an affordable rate”